Cyber Operations Specialaist

7 months ago
# of Openings


  • Conduct analysis to support DOTMLPF-P implications of identified gaps, new capabilities and requirements. (Two per month or as needed to facilitate solution/capability development).
  • Prepare, edit, and package professional information papers, quad charts and other documents in support of capability/solution development and emerging asymmetric threats and operational needs (12 per calendar year on average).
  • Assist project managers and actively participate in Integrated Support Team (IST) meetings to facilitate solution development and provide continuity from project initiation through DOTMLPF-P integration (two per month).
  • Support the development of solutions to capability gaps derived from AWG’s tactical observations and trends (level of effort determined during Tactical Mission Summary (TMS) and running estimate reviews).
  • Assist in conducting assessments and market research on emerging technologies and assist in developing plans to continuously optimize technology for improving future capabilities to defeat asymmetric threats (three per month).
  • Draft training instruction materials for deploying and non-deploying units to train Soldiers in CEWO threats and CEWO defensive measures at the tactical level (average five per calendar year).
  • Provide technical and operational expertise to assist development of realistic training and operational scenarios (approximately ten per year).


Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity Management and Operations or Computer Networks and Cybersecurity from an accredited college or university; or a non-related degree with at least ten years of relevant Cyber and Electronic Warfare experience with the U.S. military, other Federal Government agencies, industry or a combination thereof; possess knowledge, skills and experience with Linux/Unix operating systems, mobile application development, ethical hacking, network penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, Army operations, DOTMLPF-P analysis, and capability development in order to support and assist in the following areas:

  • Conducting network analysis; understand collection operations on digital networks; and associated legal authorities required by US Law and DoD policy
  • Assisting in providing advice to tactical units in the planning of Cyber Warfare activities. Use subject matter experience to advise units and operators on using information collected from a variety of computer network defense and SIGINT resources to identify, analyze, and report events that occur on digital networks.
  • Assisting and advising units on investigation of computer security incidents in order to enable mitigation of network vulnerabilities.
  • Providing advisory support concerning computer (network and infrastructure) analysis to enable Cyber and or Electronic Warfare effects in support of tactical unit requirements and provide leading edge Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare Operations support to an evolving Army Cyberspace Operations at the tactical level.
    • Leveraging information derived from a variety of computer network defense resources (including but not limited to intrusion detection system alerts, firewall and network traffic logs, and host system logs and other resources as authorized by DoD to identify events that occur or may occur on computer networks.
    • Identifying, assessing, reporting on adversary computer network capabilities and vulnerabilities that could pose a threat to maneuver units weapons, computers, communications, and operations. Use technical references to analyze information.
  •  Conducting threat research and analysis, threat documentation, define information requirements (IR) for operational advisors deployed globally.
  • Facilitating the timely and accurate development of materiel and non-materiel solutions to capability gaps derived from AWGs tactical observations by conducting DOTMLPF-P analysis. Write and maintain information papers, running estimates, quad charts, hasty DOTMLPF-P analysis, and other products on potential materiel and non-materiel solutions.
  • Assisting with creating operationally integrated CEWO test, evaluation and training environment, and facilitate concept development to identify emerging threats and capabilities.
  • Possess knowledge of the CEWO community of interest (not limited to INSCOM, NETCOM, Army Cyber, Joint and National Cyberspace Operations) activities and the mission, goals, objectives, functions and standard procedures of the command and its sub-units.


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